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Top 10 Luxury Vinyl and Hardwood Floor Pairing Ideas

When it comes to flooring, the blending of luxury vinyl and hardwood has become a popular choice for homeowners seeking a perfect balance between style and functionality. At Ron's Hardwood Floors in Chehalis, WA, we understand the importance of finding the ideal pairing that suits your unique taste and lifestyle.

  1. Classic Elegance: Oak Hardwood with Luxury Vinyl in Neutral Tones

Pairing timeless oak hardwood with luxury vinyl in neutral tones creates an elegant and versatile look that complements any decor style.

  1. Coastal Vibes: Weathered Hardwood with Blue Hues Vinyl

For a beachy, coastal feel, combine weathered hardwood with luxury vinyl in shades of blue, reminiscent of sea and sky.

  1. Rustic Charm: Hickory Hardwood with Luxury Vinyl Planks in Earthy Tones

Mix hickory hardwood with luxury vinyl planks in earthy tones for a cozy, rustic ambiance that's perfect for cabins and cottages.

  1. Modern Chic: Dark Walnut Hardwood with Gray Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Achieve a sleek, contemporary aesthetic by pairing dark walnut hardwood with gray luxury vinyl tiles for a striking contrast.

  1. Timeless Beauty: Cherry Hardwood with Rich Brown Luxury Vinyl

Elevate your space with the warmth of cherry hardwood and rich brown luxury vinyl for a classic, enduring look.

  1. Urban Loft: Distressed Hardwood with Concrete-Look Luxury Vinyl

Create an industrial, loft-style atmosphere by pairing distressed hardwood with luxury vinyl that mimics the appearance of concrete.

  1. Farmhouse Flair: Wide-Plank Pine Hardwood with White Oak Luxury Vinyl

Combine wide-plank pine hardwood with white oak luxury vinyl for a farmhouse-inspired look that exudes charm and character.

  1. Vintage Elegance: Mahogany Hardwood with Chevron Pattern Vinyl

Go for a touch of vintage elegance by mixing mahogany hardwood with luxury vinyl in a stylish chevron pattern.

  1. Transitional Beauty: Maple Hardwood with Light Gray Luxury Vinyl

For a transitional aesthetic that balances traditional and modern elements, pair maple hardwood with light gray luxury vinyl.

  1. Eclectic Appeal: Exotic Hardwood with Patterned Luxury Vinyl

Let your creativity shine by combining exotic hardwood with patterned luxury vinyl for a unique and eclectic design.

Mixing luxury vinyl with hardwood floors offers endless possibilities to transform your home's interior. At Ron's Hardwood Floors in Chehalis, WA, we're here to help you bring these ideas to life. Whether you prefer a classic, modern, rustic, or eclectic look, our team of experts is ready to assist you in selecting the perfect luxury vinyl and hardwood floor pairing that suits your style and needs.

Ready to explore these pairing ideas or create a custom combination of your own? Contact us today for a consultation and let Ron's Hardwood Floors turn your flooring dreams into reality.