Subfloor repairs


The importance of subfloor repairs

Subfloor repair needs should be assessed before installing new materials when remodeling with hardwood or WPC flooring. This service can ensure the proper performance of the new flooring and guard against repairs in the future, especially in busy spaces. In addition, a quick assessment can often show the specific needs before any work is necessary, and here are some subfloor repair facts that are important as this process moves forward.

What to know about subfloor repair

Subfloors consist of the structural parts of your floor that aren’t visible once the flooring is installed, including two to three layers of plywood and floor joists. Hardwood subfloor repair provides moisture resistance, strength, and rigidity and is usually made of plywood, OSB, or concrete, to name the most common materials. The subfloor layer is often topped with an underlayment, but that isn’t always the case. A few signs can point to subfloor issues requiring at least an assessment to see what's going on. These can include floor squeaks, floor sections that are sinking, cupped areas, and potentially water-damaged areas. If you notice any of these issues, you must contact a service provider quickly to avoid continuing damage by repairing subfloor sections that could require complete flooring replacement. It's essential to choose professional services for subfloor repairs, to ensure a proper solution for the problem and for warranties that provide complete peace of mind. Experienced service technicians will assess the situation and share findings and estimates so you know what to expect before, during, and after the service. If you have questions or concerns about repairing subfloors, this is a great time to ask for answers that put your mind at ease.



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